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EIPES: Welcome
Welcome to the Effective Interpreting Professional Education Series (EIPES). This sequence of classes will help you better understand and control the interpretation process. Our techniques, explanations, and structure will help you for the rest of your interpreting career (and maybe beyond).

Where signed language interpreter education is concerned, our instructional staff has experience and credentials second to none. Starting with class and series designer Carol Patrie, Ph.D., CSC, SC:L, CI, CT, all of our instructors are nationally certified signed language interpreters. All have special training in signed language interpreter education.

Ours are not simply educators; ours are interpreter educators - the most experienced and credentialed in the country. We practice what we teach!

You'll get real-world answers to your real-world questions ----- before you even ask! Our EFFECTIVE INTERPRETING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERIES will help you get a better grip on what you do ---- and how you do it. You'll go back to the workplace with knowledge and skills that give you confidence.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call to find out how the EI PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERIES can come to your hometown.

EIPES: Welcome