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CLTPES: What We Bring You
The CLT Professional Education Series utilizes a developmental approach to education. Each module or course in the series serves as a prerequisite to the next. Thus, participants not only bring their individual backgrounds to courses, they bring a shared learning experience as well. The CLT Professional Education Series:
  • makes the most of cumulative learning
  • addresses state-of-the-art knowledge and skills
  • provides the stepping stones of progress
Would you like us to come to you? Our Coordinator of Professional Development can help you sponsor our series. People like you bring people like us to cities like yours. We can even help you find funding to make professional training a reality for yourself and others in your community. Put your hometown on our coursework calendar.
You can earn college credit while you learn! Our courses are approved for college credit by the nationally recognized American Council on Education (ACE). (If you want a course without the credit, that's okay, too. You'll learn just as much!)
You'll register for our courses through convenient local sponsors. They set and collect all registration fees. We'll help them keep your costs low.

CLTPES: What We Bring You