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Learning Right from the Start: Cued American English Teachers' Registry
Purpose of CAETR
The Cued American English Teachers RegistryTM is a referral service for the cueing community. Teachers registered through CAETRTM are distinguished as qualified practitioners of cued English instruction. Consumers who learn cued American English from a registered teacher enjoy the advantage of being taught prescribed standards of cueing mechanics and accurate, up-to-date information.
Why Become Registered?
Professional Recognition: Distinguish yourself as a knowledgeable and skilled professional.

National Referral Service: Let LMI's cueing network and resources work for you. Language Matters, Inc. matches consumer needs with instructor expertise.

Commission from LMI Product Sales: Your students' orders for LMI products and materials will earn you a 10% commission. You will actually EARN money from your students' purchases.

Discounts on LMI Products: You will have the opportunity to order materials from LMI with a 10% savings.

Professional Materials: As a member of the registry, you will receive updates on research, announcements of new materials, and CAETRTM identification to distinguish yourself as a registered teacher.

How to Become Registered
Step One: Applicant submits BCSPR and CSRT scores and BCSPR diagnostic report; applicant requests CAETRTM Application.

Basic Cued Speech Proficiency Rating (©1983 Beaupre) Rating must be between 0 and 1.5 with a maximum of six (6) total handshape, hand placement, hand movement, diphthong, synchronization, and/or liaison errors.

Cued Speech Reading Test (©1986 Beaupre) Applicant must score 94% or higher.

Both the BCSPR and the CSRT are available through and scored by the Testing, Evaluation, and Certification Unit, Inc. (TECUnit).

Please note that Language Matters, Inc. does NOT offer the BCSPR or the CSRT and accepts only scores obtained through the TECUnit.

To register to take the BCSPR or CSRT, contact the:

Testing, Evaluation, and Certification Unit, Inc.
1(800) 523-0964 toll free

Step Two: Applicant Receives CAETRTM Application.

After LMI receives, reviews, and accepts your BCSPR and CSRT scores, you will receive an Application Packet. The packet will provide details about the teaching portfolio which must be submitted by the applicant. Details about letters of recommendation, a videotaped teaching sample, and videotaped responses to some typical student questions are outlined in the Application Packet. The fee for the Application Packet is $50.

Step Three: Applicant submits application and portfolio to Language Matters, Inc.

If you have the BCSPR and CSRT score and diagnostic reports and wish to request a CAETR Application Packet, you can fill out the form, print the form and mail it.

How to Stay Registered
The following maintenance criteria serve to promote self-evaluation and continued learning. Cued American English teachers who become part of CAETRTM satisfy the following criteria:

Verify Student Learning Outcomes: Submit proficient TECUnit-rated BCSPR scores for two students for whom the registered teacher was the primary cued language instructor (first year only).

Verify Student Satisfaction: submit the evaluation forms and a report for an introductory class of at least ten students annually.

Keep your Status Current: submit annual $50 maintenance fee.

For information about learning and teaching American Sign Language (ASL), contact the American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA).