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"We Practice What We Teach"TM

Effective Interpreting
Professional Education SeriesTM

Signed language and spoken language interpreters look no farther for productive continuing education. With the EIPESTM, interpreting between languages like ASL, English, and German is more at your fingertips than you might think. The integrated and developmental approach of these nine classes brings you the structure and opportunity that you've been looking for.......and in a location convenient to you. Take a look at some of what the EIPES has to offer.

Cued Language Transliterator
Professional Education SeriesTM

Education Matters brings you the only program of its kind....ANYWHERE! Earn graduate and undergraduate credit through our CLTPESTM. This series of ten courses is approved for graduate and undergraduate college credit by the American Council on Education Registry of Credit Recommendations (ACE®). We cover it you can, too! Have a look at what the CLTPES can bring to you.

Professional Education for
Spoken Language Interpreters

Interpreting from English to another language begins with a repertoire of English skills. Our intralingual English classes will help you identify and isolate those skills. You'll leave better able to organize and apply your knowledge of English. We'll help you create a strong foundation for developing and refining your English skills. We'll help you make the most of your interpreting efforts. Have a look at our classes for spoken language interpreters.