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CLTPES: Ethical Decision Making
CLT Ethical Decision Making I
Prerequisite: Educational interpreting Defined
Because ethical behavior is inherent in the Cued Language Transliterator Code of Conduct, it is important to track situational applications of the Code of Conduct in terms of the professional's decision-making process. Herein lies the foundation of the on-the-job "judgement calls" which are otherwise the product of personal influences. Ethical Decision Making I examines the implications of professional ethics and personal ethics with regard to goals of the discipline of cued language transliteration. This module makes use of structured group activities, sessions for free-style discussion, analysis of participant-generated ethical challenges and more.
CLT Ethical Decision Making II
Prerequisite: CLT Ethical Decision Making I
Appropriate ethical behavior is inherent in the Cued Language Transliterator Code of Conduct. This module provides students with an opportunity to engage in more advanced ethical decision making as it applies to the cued language transliteration profession. Ethical Decision Making II provides guided discussion, small group activities and analysis of participant-generated ethical challenges.

CLTPES: Ethical Decision Making