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SLI SKILLS III: Translating from Spoken English
Prerequisite: SLI Skills II: English Processing Strategies
Translation can be a developmental skill or a professional tool. Basic approaches to creating and evaluating a translation from spoken English to another spoken language are included. Practical experience in translation is an integral part of the course.
SLI SKILLS IV: Consecutive Interpreting from Spoken English
Prerequisite: SLI Skills III: Translation from Spoken English
This course introduces the theoretical and practical basis for consecutive interpretation of monologues and dialogues.
SLI SKILLS V: Introduction to
Simultaneous Interpretation of English Monologues
Prerequisite: SLI Skills IV: Consecutive Interpreting into Spoken English
This class provides an introduction to the simultaneous interpretation of English monologues to another spoken language. Topics covered include effort in interpretation, restructuring, coping skills, monitoring and repair strategies.

Education Matters:
Foundations in Interpretation: Interlingual Skills